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I have just about used up my 3 GB of storage space on this blog!  Too many good memories – a good problem to have.  So, since I am too cheap to pay a monthly fee to get more storage,  I will be moving to another blog page – Simply add a 2 to the old address and check out the new spot for all of our family memories!  Thanks!!


Miscellaneous Pics

There are always a couple miscellaneous pictures that don’t really need their own blog post but are just cute and I want to save in some way.  That is what this post is for!  🙂

Clear Springs does a Family Fun Run in the fall to promote healthy living for the kids starting in grade 1.  This year I got to do the fun run with Isaac.  He’s so proud (and I’m proud of him too) for completing 11 laps around the school track which is 2.2 miles – hence the reason he has two hands each holding up two fingers.  🙂  He did it in what I would assume is typical first grade boy style – sprint for a while and then walk, sprint for a while and then walk.  We did have a little chat about pacing yourself but I’m not sure it set in.  It was super fun and now he really wants to try to “train” to do a 5k with me sometime!  I love it!


The boys had school spirit day and as part of it, the PTO put tattoos on all the kids.  I just LOVE this picture of the boys.  Their smiles are so nice and they look like they actually love each other (they do… it’s just hard to tell some days!).  20160916_160253

First Day of Kindergarten for LUKE!!!

Wow, how is Luke already old enough for Kindergarten!!!  I can’t believe it!  He was so ready for this and so excited to go.  He’s adjusted to it so well; it’s me that’s had the harder time!


Boys…. need I say anything else???20160908_07471820160908_07480220160908_074846020160908_075244Isaac was using my phone to take pictures, trying to snap a few of me and Luke… he also did a few candid shots as Luke was goofing around.  This one was my favorite! 20160908_075329And, this is one of the nice ones Isaac took of the three of us.  20160908_075820At the busstop we did a little party for the Kinder’s first days.20160908_080904Luke and Oliver are the only kindergarteners this year.  Oliver is just to the right of Luke.  It’s nice that they are such good buddies.  20160908_081227And, he’s off!! 20160908_082022I love that Luke, Oliver, and Isaac all shared the first seat on the bus for the first day!  So thankful that Isaac is such a good brother and was willing to help Luke get to his class the first week of school.  20160908_083838

First day of First Grade

And… We’re off to the start of another great year!  Isaac is in first grade and is SO excited for this year.  He has Mr. Lundheim, who is just an amazing teacher.  Mr. Lundheim has several fish, a red-eared slider turtle, and an African tortoise that is HUGE – it’s the kind of tortoise that small children will someday be able to ride on.  For right now, Torty is only medium sized.  But, I digress….  First Grade!  So exciting for Isaac!


We once again did a bus stop party to celebrate the first day of school with treats and juice (and even coffee for all the grown-ups).  Even though it was raining, we simply lifted up the van’s tailgate, used umbrellas, and snapped pictures in between showers.


Kindergarten doesn’t start until the Thursday after Labor Day so Luke and I had a couple more days at home just the two of us before his first day of school.  Overall, the first day was a success!

Labor Day Weekend

We decided to head up to the  cabin for Memorial Day weekend for one last summer hurrah before school starts.  Adam actually had a meeting in LaCrosse that week, so we took advantage and had him drop the boys and me off in Rochester for some time with Grandpa.  The boys LOVED playing in the newly refurbished playhouse, playing Michigan Rummy, and helping Grandpa fill the bird feeders.


At the cabin, we got to spend some time with Jeff, Aimee, and Lily.  Luke just adores Lily and took every opportunity to snuggle, sit and play with her.


Isaac continued with his obsession for tubing.  The weather was NOT warm enough to convince me to get in the water (plus I had a cold I was dealing with so cold water wouldn’t have helped) but it was warm enough for Isaac to go tubing, several times, as fast as he can possibly convince Grandpa to drive!  🙂

20160903_160014Love Isaac’s “tubing hair”!20160904_135851

Luke has been a little nervous about tubing and prefers to do more of a slow cruise over wild and fast.  That is just fine with us and we are happy that he’s willing to give it a try!


Trick or Treat 2015

This year, Halloween was such a BLAST!

On the Friday before Halloween, Isaac’s school did a costume parade and party.  For the parade, the entire school lined up and then walked around the building and around the track at the back of the school with the principal, Mr. Carpenter, at the lead.  (He was dressed as Popeye!).  At each grade level, the teachers did a theme for their costumes.  My favorite was the 5th grade teachers dressed as mad scientists  They even were carrying their class pet rats along (in cages) for the parade.  Too funny.  The kindergarten teachers were all part of the Eric Carle book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  Isaac’s teacher was a purple cat and the para in his class was the yellow duck.

After the parade, we were able to go help out for the party in Isaac’s class.  Luke came dressed up as well.  The party was fun with a craft, several games, a snack, and some bingo.  Isaac had a blast and Luke did too.  I think it got him even more excited to go to kindergarten next year.

Luke with our neighbor buddy, Pierce watching the parade:


Storm Trooper Isaac walking in the parade:


The boys gave each other a hug when they saw each other in Ike’s classroom after the parade:


Isaac’s class and class party:



That night we finally got our pumpkins and carved them up.  It was a lot of fun and I think they turned out great this year. We even saved some of the seeds and roasted them up the next day for a treat!



On Halloween night, we met up with many of our neighbors to take pics and go trick-or-treating.  I think we had a group of about 40 people with parents and kids combined.  We have never done group trick-or-treating before so the boys were a little apprehensive at first.  But, they quickly got into it and ended up having a blast.  We started out at about 5:20 and didn’t get back home until after 7:30.

After the trick-or-treating, our next door neighbor had a bonfire for everyone.  We stayed out until way past bedtime.  The kids did at one point all go inside and watch a movie while the adults stayed outside to chat.  It was a ton of fun and I am reminded over and over again what an amazing neighborhood we landed in.  This awesome instant community of friends is just great!

After checking out their candy stash and talking through the night, the boys agreed that this was their best Halloween ever!  And, I would have to agree!  


A line of the some of the kids as we are heading out.


The whole kid crew (plus at least two adults for each kid) – we were quite the group heading out!


The boys favorite houses included the one where they got the funny glasses and glow sticks and the house where they each got three full size candy bars!  Crazy!!

20151031_183154 20151031_183203

New Desks

One of the thing the boys first mentioned way back when we told them that we were moving is that they wanted to get desks in their new rooms.  We also told them they could pick the color their room would be; I reserved the right to pick the exact shade of the color however. 🙂

Well, it only took 3 months but we finally have the boys rooms painted, organized, and complete with desks!

Isaac decided he wanted a light blue room.  At first he wanted it orange but came around to blue and also a night sky theme.  The duvet comforter out of star/outer space fabric and some glow in the dark stars will complete his room eventually but for now, it is the way he wants it.  His desk has been such a highlight for him.  We filled it with scissors, glue, pencils, paper, stencils, etc.  The day we got it set up, he spent about 3 hours just creating art projects and drawing at it.  Multiple times he has told me that his favorite thing in our new house is his desk and it shows because he probably spends at least an hour there every day just doing his own creative things.  Here he is showing off the “quilt” he made from squares he cut out of foamy paper.


Luke originally wanted a red room because of his love of the San Francisco 49ers.  Somehow we got him to decide he wanted a green room instead but insisted on red accents.  I painted some letters of his name a bright red color and he also chose some red sheets for his bed and they actually go well with the green color of his walls.  It’s really cute and also easy to change if he decides he doesn’t want red anymore.  Luke also loves his desk and loves organizing all of his supplies.  He continues to use it daily and make cute little projects to share with us.  We also added a white board/magnet board to his wall after this picture was taken.  He loves hanging his artwork on that.


Fall Fun

So, our old house had like one tree that dropped like 50 leaves so we really didn’t have much need to do regular fall raking.  At our new house, we have MANY trees with immeasurably more leaves to rake.  I find myself actually enjoying the work of getting the leaves raked and the yard cleaned up; it just feels productive and it’s nice to be working outdoors.  What I didn’t realize was that apparently we have been depriving our children of basic fall fun of jumping and playing in the leaves these past 5 years.  There have been many days were the boys will just rake up a pile of leaves and jump and play in them for 1-2 hours happily.  They do the work of raking for me, and then play in the leaves for so long that the pile is basically broken down into some mulched up leaves by the time they are done.  It’s the simple fun that is the best, right?

And, seriously… aren’t these pics of the boys in the leaves just so cute!

20151013_150913-1 20151013_151135 20151013_151639(0)

We even got the neighbor boy into the fun; the boys were entertained after school one day from when the bus dropped them off until we had to go in to start dinner!


Apple Orchard

One of the things I love about being a stay-at-home mom right now is that I get to be a chaperone for field trips for the boys.  Isaac’s kindergarten class visited Deardorf Apple Orchard and it was a beautiful day to be outside and a good chance to get to know some of Isaac’s classmates.

The kids got a little lesson in how to pick apples, how the apples are sorted (seen below) and then packaged to sell.

20151014_131717Then, they each got to pick 5 apples and go on a hayride.
20151014_133044 20151014_133923 20151014_134046

His class is so cute!  It was a great day!  20151014_141427 Silly picture.  🙂 20151014_141435


Miami!!  How fun to be able to mix in a little mini-vacation with the most awesome weekend of celebrating Carissa and Justin’s wedding!  We snuck away for half a day to hit the beach at Matheson Hammock.  It wasn’t quite what we expected as they had had quite a bit of flooding.  But, it made for a fun adventure!


The whole purpose of our trip though, was to celebrate Carissa and Justin’s big day.  We had a blast at their rehearsal dinner at their house the night before.  The boys were hamming it up for some pictures and I just loved how they turned out.  The boys especially loved being able to steal Noah’s hat and pose with it.








And, how cute are these cousins!


It was so fun to be able to see all the family and friends and even Suelly and Natalia again!



The day of the wedding was beautiful, hot but with amazing blue skies!  The boys really loved having their bow ties and suspenders.


Here are a few of my favorite pics from the day…





I think that the best part of the whole night though was how much the boys LOVED to dance.  I still can’t believe that they made it to the last song and were going strong!  They were picking up all kinds of moves from all the other people dancing and came home raving about how much they loved to dance!